Monday, March 5, 2018

Dobe & Andy

Val and I were running the 5km Montréal Souterrain, so I had obviously planned a little after-run lunch in Chinatown. Nothing has ever been this obvious. In life. This Cantonese restaurant is located on St-Urbain in the same building as Kim Fung (dim sum), on the ground floor.
It looks like ass from the outside and ass when you're inside too. But hey, I've learnt that the goodness of the food in Asian restaurants has nothing to do with the cleanliness. I'd even go as far as saying it's an inversed correlation. Nevertheless, this place was buuuusy! One of the gems of Chinatown.
I had the BBQ duck soup. Everything in that pleases me: BBQ, duck AND soup on a cold day? Yaaassss! My Jer Bear AKA friend from the Asian persuasion, would've been ubs proud of me: I ate the duck meat, the duck fat AND I ate around the bone (there is no effin English word for 'gruger'). There's sooo much flavor in the fat. That's probs why the stock was so good! It was legit wow. The green onions almost made a paste, which was totes up my alley. I had the choice between egg noodles and vermicelli-style noodles. I had the latter one because I thought the egg noodles would be a bit too heavy. They were perfectly cooked. Just perf. Slurp slurp! Going back to the duck, it was delish! It had absorbed all the flavours and oh how lovely that was! I added a bit of sriracha and dang girl!
Service was ok. Quick, as per use. We got tea to start off and they then brought us some water. The waiter didn't really speak any English (nor French), which was fine... but then again, he couldn't really answer our questions. I asked for their specialty (they have like 100 items on their menu!), and he wasn't really able to tell me. They didn't ask if we liked it but I ain't surprised. Asian restos are in a whole other category. I can just imagine Jer bear saying: 'I TOLD you it works like that!'.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 6

Althought Montréal's Chinatown is tiny (I dream of a Toronto-sized Chinatown ALL the time), there are many restaurants to go to. Imma try another one next time :)

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