Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chez Robin

Chez Robin is a local supermarket located in Verdun, on Wellington. They sell local products, OGM free products, hormone free, bio veggies and artisanal beer. They ALSO have a nice little bistro corner. Hello, food critic.
They have a fixed menu but also some daily specials on a board. Iz very cute, with only a couple tables and a counter at the window. It's all they need, really!
I chose the veg sandwich (I'm, like, 92% vegetarian now, you know. Well, except for that cow I eat every couple weeks :p): home made végépâté, smoked bread, mustard, peppers, fennel, fermented radishes, and gusta cheese (vegan cheese!). I had this with the quinoa salad and the broccoli salad. Let's start with them sides, shall we? Well, let's face it, y'all have no sayin'. I'm the boss. YASS. Anyhoot. The quinoa salad was ubs fresh, with tomatoes, cucumbers and some citrus. It had little pieces of sweet onions in there, which, as you must know, I fell legit in love with. LE-GIT. It really tasted like they had just made it 5 minutes before, but it was 7pm. Quweird. The broccoli salad was full of grains and such, like pumpkin seeds and sunflower and nuts. I love a little crunch! There were also some re-hydrated raisins in the salad which gave it a nice sweet side. Feta cheese fit right in there, completing the salty part of it. I would totes make this at home. You know what? I will.

La sandwich: crunchy bread and melting cheese, what else does a girl need? OK, EVERYONE needs this, let's be honest. I would've liked more végépâté, but I'm a hoe for that stuff. It was sooo damn good: it tasted every little bit like the one my gurl Val used to make. I would have preferred the pepper to be grilled, but hey, you can't get everything in life. Also, the marinated eggplant was on the dry side and the crust was just a bit too hard. The radishes added a little spunk to it all and that pleased me dearly. Yes: dearly. I'm trying it, OK? Alright.

I wanted water throughout my meal and was interiorly annoyed that the guy that made me my meal never offered water, but then I noticed that there WAS water and thre WERE cups, right beside me, the whole time. #dumbass

And now, the score:

Food: 8

I'll probs end up going back because, let's face it, it's located right next to my fave place :)

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