Sunday, July 2, 2017

D Liche Cupcakes

I was invited for a second time to Simplement D Liche. Dson't mind if I do! Desserts and me are a match made in heaven. GOOD desserts and me? OUT of this world!

I went there with ma work mate Vick, because she's also cray about desserts. I was meeting one of the owners, Robert. I've already talked about their awesome, clean lookin', pure white decor so I won't go into details here. It's very inviting and when you walk in, you see all their creations and, suddenly, you're drooling. Like, a lot.

D Liche's philosophy is, to put it in Robert's terms, 'faire du vrai' (make real stuff). They use fresh ingredients, nothing packaged. And if it costs maybe a bit more than other bakeries, it's totally worth it to not eat synthetic crap. They even have exclusivity on the purest form of cacao powder on the market, straight from Colombia. They make delicious cupcakes with that marvellous powder. OK, you got me, 'delicious' is a huge understatement. They are awesome. No, wait, they are amazing. NO... they are fantastic! That's more like it! But we weren't there to try cupcakes (although we did and...drool), we were there to taste their new cookie dough recipe.
I'm just gonna start by saying they are the first ones in MTL to do this. Just like the cronut, they are the Montrealeers OR pionalers! OK they are the pioneers in Montreal, damn it! We're not talking I'm-stoned-so-I'll-just-eat-the-cookie-dough-that-my-mom-just-bought-to-bake-cookies. The nice pastry chefs at D Liche elaborated a recipe that could be eatable for their clients. No eggs, no raw flour AND reduced sugar! By the by, apparently, the version of this originating in NYC, is much, much sweeter. OK, so, basically, they heat the flour before putting it in the recipe and without replacing that sweet sweet suga, they just simply put less. That's right, they just put less sugar. I don't know how many times I've eaten overly sweet desserts so this was right up my alley. On top of it, I love eating dessert a TAD (a lot) too much so this is WHAY better for my figure. Let's get back to that cookie dough. It was sweet but not too sweet and it was smooth, not grainy like a lot of cookie dough out there (yes, I've eaten my share...). Basically, it was perfect. And if Robert would have turned around, he would've seen our dirty looks directed at him for not serving us a bigger portion.
Both Vick and I bought some to go and by the time we got to our respective appartments, both cookie doughs were half eaten. I got the red velvet and it reaaally tasted like I was eating a red velvet cake, minus the icing, of course. Mmmmmm!!!! With those white chocolate chips, I'd even go as far as saying it was divine. Yep, dsoin it!

Just a ps, you can also have your cookie dough in cones. Just sayin'. OH, and they have two other flavas: m & m's and triple chocolate. TRIPLE. That's like, choco on choco on choco. That's the best kind of threesome I've heard of. Wait...

And now, the scores!

Service: 10, duh.
Food: 9.5

I feel like it's not a real question to ask if I'll go back. Of COURSE I will. Wait, I... I just did! Yep, I'm that quick.

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