Monday, June 26, 2017

Café Olimpico

Ma work girl Margo pretty much forced me, with all her might (and she's a small girl) to try her fave coffee place in the Mile End. I don't like coffee, so, for me, it wasn't a life or death situation. But for her, it was. So I dsid, I tried Olimpico a couple weeks back right before hitting up le roller derby a couple blocks away. Perfect!
The place is an institution: it's been there for I don't even know how many years but believe me when I say they have regulars. I'm gonna go ahead and say 50% of their clientele are. We sat on the terrace where they only have benches: very suitable for chatting and meeting new peeps. Clients hang out there, right outside, inside, pretty much everywhere. Iz nice. I can see why some would feel like home here.
Since I didn't want no coffee and it was damn hawt outside, I had a cold chocolate milk. Oh, and I had the affogato. I know it was, like, blasphemy, to not drink le coffee but what can I do? I've tried to drink the stuff more times than I can count and I just CANNOT do it. I cannot. Do it. Last time I took a couple sips, I was sick all day. Not pleasant!
El chocolate. Let me reiterate: I loathe coffee. I LOVE hot chocolate. On that day, it was way too hot for me to drink hot stuff so I asked for a cold one. No, not a beer, I hate that too. Hahaha. I know, I suck. The drink was very sweet and sort of meh. A bit disappointing. Hey, Olimpico is not synonym of chocolate, it is synonym of coffee!
Which is why I had to have somethin' with coffee in there. I had the affogato with hazelnut ice cream. At 6 (or 8... can't recall) dollars, I thought it was a touch expensive for ice cream but it was quite good indeed! The shot of espresso went really well with the ice cream and although it was quite a big dessert, and I didn't have the hunger to finish it, it was quite satisfying. I NEVER say this about anything with coffee. Eva.

Service was very friendly and quick. The dude at the counter told me what to get because I had next to no clue and I was satisfied with his choice :)

And now, les scores!

Food: 7.5
Service: 9

Not sure if I'll go back on my own but I'm pretty positive Margo will make sure I do :)

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