Saturday, May 13, 2017

Libertine Bakehouse

Sometimes, you just gots to treat yoself. Am I right? Oh, I am! Libertine Bakehouse is the new kid on the block when it comes to pastries so I just HAD to go. Plus, luckily (AND unluckily) for me, they are located only a hop and a skip away from my place. I HATE having great desserts at such close proximity. So after lunch one day, Em and I went to dessert heaven.

Ah, dessert heaven, a place where you want to go all the time and where everything smells and tastes so good you want to lick the counters. And the walls. And maybe the employees? I mean, they must have chocolate dust SOMEWHERE on them, no? The answer is yes.
This place is supa cute: white on white, a big table in the middle (for those big studying days that necessitate sugar) and a big skull with a cherry on top; their mascot, if you will.

We were there to eat dessert but FYI, they also serve up some salty treats/meals! Yaassss! Their display just looks freaking AMAZING. It took us a whhhhile to choose what we were going to eat (aka pig out on) SO we ended up having half of their inventory. I'm only slightly kidding: we chose two desserts each. What? I needed to review more than one dessert! Imma blame it on the review.
Le brownie. Also known as the least good lookin' dessert. But that dson't mean it wasn't good! Fleur de sel was concentrated mainly in the middle which was a hella nice surprise. Biting into it, it was crunchy and then soft and then, well, it gets... personal :p
The chocolate mousse. I'm a big chocolate mousse lovah. Like a big one. My fave used to be Juliette et Chocolat's but since our fall out many years ago (leaving that job after having the worst training and working with the worst bosses), I hadn't found a good replacement. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the replacement has been found. This mousse was, let me find the perfect adjectives here... heavenly, uber soft, heavenly. Wait, did I write that twice? Yes, I believe I did. The biscuit that was right under was just as perfect: crunchy and not stale at all. A fresh cookie if you will. I'm actually on my way there right now to eat one again. Of course I'm kidding, f*ck. I wish I could go right now/be able to eat as much sugar as I want to without gaining 100 pounds.
The chocolate/miso éclair. What? I'm sorry, what? Excuse me, whaaaaat? Ya, that was my reaction. It wasn't a miso explosion, which was great because that would've been whhheird. The filling tasted of chocolate and hazelnut with a hint of miso. The contrast between the crunch of the hazelnuts and the smoothness of the cream was great! Oh AND there was f*cking caramel in there. Whaaaaat! Caramel and I: a love story. Fo serious yo!
The St-Honoré: I present to you the most good looking dessert I've ever dared to eat. It was hard to ruin this beautiful, complex looking, great smelling, golden leafed pastry. DANG. Wow! It literally took us 4 minutes trying to see how we could eat it without f*cking it all up. Sh*t I'm swearing a lot today. The level of swearing is proportional to the deliciousness of these desserts. This is the pineapple, white chocolate, coconut and passion fruit. Argh, I just HATE all these flavors. Just nasty. Said NO ONE ever. I hear someone say that, I keeeel them. This was like a magical dessert. Straight out of dessert heaven. The bottom was perfectly flaky, yet not dry at all. Little pieces of pineapple here and there just exploded in my mouth like a burst of flavor. The little circles you see there? Pure effin white chocolate. The cream was just so soft and WOW and I WANT MORE PLEASE. I didn't taste the passion fruit as much but who cares? Hahaha. The coconut did what coconut does: make everything yummy. And we all know how coconut and pineapple go well together: like chips and salsa or yogourt and fruit or movies and popcorn or coffee and newspaper! This was, in all seriousness, one of the best fruity dessert I've ever had, if not THE best.

Service was very nice and full of smiles. You just know it when peeps like working! And who wouldn't like working there? Surrounded by yummy desserts, gaining 8 pounds daily just by smelling them. We sat down and got our desserts quite quickly, by 2 people holding 2 desserts each. I kind of felt like the queen at that moment. I am SO important.

And now, the scores!

Food: 9
Service: 9

Don't even ask: yes, I'll be back.
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