Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nini Meatball House

I was meeting my ex English teacher J and her girl Yez for dinner. Soooooo, I thought we should meet two doors from work (Sushi taxi), you know... cause I have such a hard time being away from work :p  Geez! So, we did! On top of it, since I'm two doors down, I'd been through the buying, the remodeling and the everything that makes this resto what it is today!

The place: very simple, very white, industrial type of lighting. Cool feeling.

The drink: Rebel lemonade. Maker's Mark, soda, lemon juice, simple syrup. Told the waitress we make a really meeeeaaan lemonade at Sushi Taxi and she convinced me that hers was going to be better. Nope. It was OK, very strong and not lemon-y enough.

OK, let's talk food! First off, I must mention that their menu has pretty much nothing too original or new, which was a tad disappointing. We ordered 4 sets of 3 meatballs and our own sides. 1- Beef meatballs with tomato sauce and parmesan: lacks taste, lacks salt, nothin special there. 2- Beef, cheddar and bacon meatball with a smoked BBQ sauce: the sauce was great! I'd even go as far as to say mouth watering. BUT the meatball itself was tough and again, lacked flavour. 3- Pork and fennel meatball with spicy tomato sauce: I'm not even kidding when I say that this tasted like NADA. 4- Pork and chorizo meatball with chimichuri sauce: Man, you had me at chimichuri! I LOVE that stuff. Needless to say this one was my fave. As a side, I had the mashed potatoes which tasted alright, although they could have used more salt. I was more annoyed at the price (7$).

Service was alright: we got water quickly and the dishes a bit less quickly. Plus, our waitress kept on going back and forth between English and French so that got annoying really fast.

And now, the scores!

Food: an average of 6 
Service: 6

If you ask me again to pay 7 dollars for mashed potatoes, I'll say no.

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