Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I'd been wanting to try Muvbox for freaking years and since I live closer now AND I always bike by, I decided to head there with my ex English teacher this week. Also because I've been craving lobster since freaking May. Ah, lobster.

Alright, so, quickly the concept of Muvbox is that it is in a container that, after moving some panels and shiz, becomes a restaurant. BAM!

We got there on a really REALLY, way too cold for summer, evening and there was NO ONE there. We were welcomed by a bunch of youngsters that were obviously having quite the partay inside and enjoying the fact that there were no customers. We ordered and quickly got our food because, well, we were the only ones there!

Ah, lobster roll! How I love thee! So, we ordered two lobster rolls, a bottle of water and chips, all for 30 something bucks. Ouch! I was oh-so-disapointed to see that the chips, which I thought were going to be homemade like most places where you get dem lobster rolls, were actually Miss Vickies. A tiny bag for 2,50$! Dsamn. But on to the roll. It had a very good quantity of lobster including claws and shiz. Oh ya, I said clawSSS. It was covered in somewhat of a thick mayo based sauce with celery pieces, which we all know is part of a wonderful lobster roll. The lobster was cooked perfectly: tender and not chewy at all. It was basically heaven in my mouth. Heaven I say! The only thing that was disapointing according to J, and I agree, was that there was no butter on the bread.

The service was OK. I mean, they were partying it up when we got there and they continued their partay while we were sitting a couple meters from them. Meh. But it WAS quick!

And now, the scores!

Food: 7
Service: 5

A lobster roll a day keeps the doctor away... isn't that the saying? 

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