Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mémé Tartine

*Flash review alert*

I had to go on Wellington to buy something and decided to go a bit north onto Verdun Street. I had passed by there a couple times and had noticed this little bakery that looked really cute and quaint from the outside.

I was welcomed more or less warmly by what seemed to be the boss and a trainee. The fact that the trainee didn't know how to do ANYTHING (like put the sandwich on the sandwich press, or the salad on the plate) became a bit annoying.

There was some music playing on the radio: DANCE music. Dance music, really? I think they could have chosen something more à propos (whoa, I sounded fancy right there!)!

They had 4 different kinds of sandwiches so I decided on the ham, tomato, bacon and cheddar one with bbq sauce.

-Good thang they added a little salad for that price (7,95$ + taxes)
-Salad tasted like nothing except for the slightly tasty vinaigrette
-Moist bread=good
-Cheese not even melted (and they put it in a press!)
-Tomatoes were a bit meh
-Only tasted the barely-there BBQ sauce near the end

All in all, not a completely bad sandwich but not a great one.

Service was alright: they put my meal on a nice little plate, the dude at the counter was more or else helpful but I didn't get any water.

And now, the scores!

Food: 5.5
Service: 6

I probably won't go back. Their croissants are really overpriced and apparently, their sandwiches are not much better...

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