Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ma Tante Quiche

yes, that IS my finger... geez
*flash review alert!*
This restaurant is about a 7 minute walk from my place so I just HAD to try it. Plus, it looks so darn cute! Located on Centre, it's pretty central for us Pointe-St-Charles folks. And it IS cute... you enter and you feel at home. What a warm place! Plus, today, there was a singer entertaining the clients!

I was welcomed by someone that seemed to be the owner and she had a huge smile. That was very refreshing. I'm sick of arriving to a restaurant to a non smiling host/ess or waiter/tress.

I was a bit shocked to see that they only had TWO quiches on the menu. When you have quiche in your resto's name, one would hope there would be more than two choices.

Chorizo, red pepper and paprika quiche
-crust was not crunchy enough
-you can barely taste the paprika
-texture was a tad gelatinous (and YES, I know eggs are involved)
-chorizo was nice and just spicy enough
-chorizo and pepper were a very nice pairing

And now, the score:


I will go back to taste other dishes and perhaps a quiche but I was not very thrilled with this one.

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