Thursday, February 27, 2014

Boom J's

*Super flash review alert*

Boom J's! Hehehe what a cute name :p Anyhoot, this place, located in my neighbourhood (yay!) is tiny: only counter space, no actual tables, totaling around 12 chairs. 

I went there once in the fall, passing by it by accident (chance?) and looooved their beef patties. I'm a beef patty freak, see. In Toronto, when I go to my friend's that lives at Landsdowne, everytime, I pass by 'Caribbean Queen of patties', and I MUST stop. One could say I'm a patty expert. Mmmmyes. Anyhoot, so today, I woke up and just had to go back. I WILL go back when it's nicer and actually eat there and have a full meal but today was patty day.

Beef Patty
-Nice and flaky
-A lot of meaty goodness
-Just spicy enough
-Even better with my Cayman Islands Citrus Heat Hot Sauce that JUST ran out :(

And now, the score:

Food: 9.5

You want a great beef patty? Come on down to Pointe-St-Charles and go to this little gem of a place.

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