Monday, July 29, 2013

Deville Dinerbar

It took lots of convincing to get me to go to Deville's. Why? Well I had just eaten lunch and I was full. But you know what, I decided to go and take a couple bites off of Isa's and my bro's gf's meal. And am I ever happy I did!

Deville Dinerbar is located on Stanley a tad north of Ste-Catherine. It's funny because as we were eating on their terrasse, I turned around I noticed we were in my friend Cat's old OLD apartment's  courtyard (from about 13 years ago!). Funny. Anyhoot, this place is quite large, for downtown at least, with at least 40 seats on the terrasse and at least 100 and then some inside. 

Now, this place looks like a fancy diner, I loves it: marble tables, fancy lamps and cool banquettes. It has a very nice feel to it. It's very chic and fancy yet feels homy. I still felt underdressed as I usually do...

This restaurant serves lunch between 11 and 4. They have a HUGE menu. A tad too huge but hey, they have good stuff on there so I don't mind so much. They also have a lunch only menu on a separate sheet.

Marshmallow milkshake
Let's talk food! Ah, food. Isa started off with her fave thang: milkshake. But this time, she had a toasted marshmallow milkshake with whipped cream. WHAAATTT? Wow! The whole thing wasn't heavy at all, the marshmallows were well charred and sticky and the milkshake itself was tasty and oh-so-good.

Peach mojito
Since it was Havana Night Drinks on Thursday (they have themes everyday!), I could have either a rum and coke OR a mojito. And the mojito of the day was a peach mojito! WHAT? It was great. Tasted like peach, maybe a bit like peach iced tea at some point but as someone that never drinks iced tea, it was still A-MA-ZING! It tasted smooth. You know what I mean?

Ahi tuna tacos
Sorry, got sidetracked there.... NOW let,s talk actual food, not drinks. Isa had the ahi tuna tacos. The first words out of my mouth were 'holy bejesus'. So this was supposed to be an appetizer. On se calme. It was a full meal. Whatever, I could have eaten 10 of those babies. Fried wonton shells with asian slaw, ahi tuna (sushi grade no less) and a little wasabi lime aioli to top it off. It can get messy with those crunchy wonton shells but it's freaking worth it! There's 3 pieces of tuna per taco... and this for about 15$ (ish) for the whole plate. I thought that was well worth it. The aioli added a great flavour to the whole thang but without it, it was pretty much just as good. Man was it ever good! Sorry, having somewhat of a foodgasm here.

Chicken, avocado, corn and goat cheese salad
Well I have to say that after eating those absolutely wonderful tacos, this salad didn't really compare. It was still good though: the goat cheese felt nice and silky, the chicken was moist and well seasoned with the great addition of corn and some crunchy almonds.

As for the service, it was great and steady throughout our meal. She managed to sell us drinks that we hadn't set out to buy at first. She answered our questions and was smiling every time she came to see us. She also came to check if everything was fine mid-meal, which is very important in my book! Oh she also gave us quite some time to look at the menu (as mentioned, it was quite extensive).

And now, the scores!

Service: 9,5 She was very attentive to our needs
Food: This is a 3 parter. Drinks: 9,5   Salad: 8   Tuna tacos: 9,7 :p

Loved my first experience there! I will go back and have 3 orders of those tacos please :)

ps: You can order one of their 'fishbowls' for 15 $ and 7 shots of booze in there :p
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