Monday, April 15, 2013


OK, hold the phone....I actually got invited to a restaurant opening! ME! I  mean, it's never happened to me before, so I was pretty darn excited (and still am, as you can see). Anyhoot, I invited my friend V. We had quite a hard time finding the place. I thought it had replaced Juliette et Chocolat but turns out it actually took the place of one of my friends and I old breakfast spot, Cafeteria. I must say I had a tiny tear when I saw that Cafeteria was gone but I also must declare that I was kind of thinking that that place was passed its prime.

We got there at around 8 to, you know, be fashionably late and it was full. Like, full full. Meh. But forget that, I got to say that I was from Eating out in montreal at the door and she checked it off her list. I felt...special :) As I mentionned, it was packed in there. It was funny, I could spot my fellow bloggers who were writing notes either on their IPad or on a...pad. The place itself doesn't look anything like it did before: large plants line the windows (from outside, it looks like a jungle in there!), lots of wood everywhere, nice long wires with lamp bulbs hanging haphazardly from the ceiling, fake vines (ew), a big wooden bar near the back of the restaurant and the open kitchen right behind it. I found it a tad funny that there were stools at the kitchen, as if people would want to drink and chat right in front of the cooks. Weird. Speaking of cooks, apparently, two of them worked at Toqué!, so that's cool!

The vibe was great, but then again, it was the opening so that could change. I have a feeling though that it will quickly become one of the McGill students' fave spots. 'Café Campus and Vol de nuit whhhhat---we're going to SuWu tonight!'

Ok, so we took a spot at the bar (not sitting yet....there were no chairs available :/) and a couple minutes later, the bartender who had seen us from the corner of his eye, brough us drinks. Turns out, the drink was called a Wu-Tang (sake, lemon vodka, lime, lychee and grapes). It was good but the lychees and grapes were not very noticeable and the alcohol level could have been a bit higher (WHAT??? I like boozy drinks!). V did not feel like drinking that so she gave it to me (yay, double drink!) and bought herself an overpriced (or so we, non going outters think) beer (8$).

As for the food, between 7 and 9 was 'media' time (well, hello, I'm media) so the food was free. I loves me some free food! Anyhoot, a couple people were going around with food like their 'famous' mac n' cheese grilled cheese and yummy ribs. The first was weird enough but still was enjoyable. The pasta was well cooked, which is the way I prefer it and it was well seasoned. Not sure if I'd want to have this as a meal though. There was this lovely homemade ketchup on top that added a certain je ne sais quoi to it. It was fresh and went well with the bread, cheese and pasta. The ribs (OH, the ribs) we're DAMN good. And if I say that ribs are THAT good, it's because I've had the chance to eat a lot of those and I know what I'm talking about! Simply put, they melted in your mouth. I just wanted more and more still.

Now, let's talk a tad about the staff: half of them kind of sucked. Sorry! I know it was the opening and maybe that was the factor but meh. I think two of the guys who were passing around the food were the owners and they were very nice and knew who to give the food to (ME!). On the other hand, the bar tenders... Ok there was this girl that we called 'side boob girl' because of the obvious side boobage. It was just annoying. Oh and she kept on texting which is SO uncool! Another one didn't really look like she had anything to do (but there was a LOT to be done) and one of the guy was running around but not doing much.

And now, the scores:

Food: 8
Service: 6, but this one is hard to say, since it was the opening after all

All in all, a great new place. Very vibrant. I just know the Mcgill crowd will enjoy it!

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