Thursday, April 21, 2011

Café Méliès

As per usual... COUPONS!!!! We payed I believe 22$ for up to 48$ of food. Meaning you have la table d'hôte and usually, that's below 48$.
We arrived at 6PM and about 5 people waiters were... waiting right there for us... including about 3 ITHQ-ers, which made me smile. One of the waiters was learning at la SPEL (this teaching restaurant at ITHQ) when ze wife and I went last year and had served us! We got seated right away, and since it wasn't busy, got to choose our seats next to the window in this futuristic looking resto (walls and floors alike are made of marble and lots of stainless steel everywhere made me feel like I was in a shuttle or something :) ).

Took just a minute too long (you know how you FEEL it when it's been a bit too long)---for the record, ze wife doesn't think it took too long...) to get service after we got the menus. I ordered a minestrone, crevettes avec sole et risotto au maïs and ze wife ordered a tomato salad with chèvre with the same main. A couple minutes later, our waiter came to tell me that there wasn't any minestrone and if I'd like something else. So I took the crème de courge musquée which pleased me much but I wandered how come, at the beginning of service, they were lacking elements in the menu.

The waiter brought us the bread which was in a very cute little basket en métal, vertically oriented, very original :)
Ensuite, nos entrées sont arrivées :) My soup was good but it lacked a bit of flavor. Ze wife's plate was equally unsatisfying: the tomatoes were pale and again, lacked flavor. I have to give points for the presentation though: it was quite nice and appetizing.

Le plat principal a été toute une surprise! On s'attendait à avoir sur notre assiette du poisson et des crevettes... mais on a eu des crevettes enrobées de poisson!!! weird, yes! interesting and original, yes! C'était encore meilleur quand on a demandé d'avoir du citron! The one blah thing was that we found des arêtes dans le poisson... uncool! Apart from that, the whole plate was very nice and very much appreciated!

Comme dessert, nous avons choisi le septième pêché (meringue aux amandes et biscuit) et un brownie avec crème fouettée!!! (everything is better with whipped cream!). They were good but not GREAT deserts.

The service itself was good, our waiter was a talker, but he was a cutie so that was fine. We had pretty good service throughout the evening. The one thing that annoyed me was that we could see all the waiters agglomerated near the washrooms, talking, and this got on my last nerve. If you want to do that, do it where the clients won't be able to see you!

So for the scores:

Service: 7.5. Good service, especially for the wine, our glass was never empty. But a couple things annoyed me as mentioned above.
Food: 7

All in all, a good resto with some amusing waiters that mostly do their job right, hehe. Quelques trous ici et là mais bien pour un souper avant(ou après) le cinéma ou bien si on est dans le coin.

ps: Half the time, the website is very VERY slow to load

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