Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tasso, bar à mezze

My cousin gave us many links to websites that offer you deals like 'pay 15$ for 40$ at Tasso restaurant' and we are taking advantage of that!! We went to Tasso with exactly that: we paid 15$ on the internet for a coupon that gives us 40$ worth of food and beverages and it was totally worth it! We ended up having to pay only about 20$ each, and that's including tip.

First, the place: it was very cute, very Greek and very close to school, which is great for me! It was like we entered Greece, with white walls and white everything, except for the tables which were wooden and very fitting, we thought. It was quite busy (we had reservations for 8:30PM) but as soon as we came in, someone came to greet us and bring us to a table. As soon as we got to our table, there was a lovely, very jovial waiter that came to bring us menus and tell us how about we should do the ordering (there are combos or you can order à la carte)

We chose the à la carte because we thought that 6 plates would be a bit too much, so we took 5... which turned out to be a tiny bit cheaper anyway!

We had:
saganaki (flambé cheese with ouzo... the waiter came to light it up and damn did it ever make a high flame, almost burned his hair!)

Hteni me axino kai fouakra ( scallops with foie gras)

Hilopites yemistes me garides kai kolokithi (shrimp ravioli... amazing!)

Moussaka (which, according to Isa, wasn,t the real deal compared to when she had it at Ouzeri)

Something that I can't find on their internet menu: braised beef ravioli (also very good!)

We loved everything! I would totally recommend this place, even for people that aren,t into greek food. YUM---MY!

We had a bottle of white wine and for desert, Isa ordered some honey beignets which turned out to be a bit overkill because they gave her like 12 and that was a bit too much, we thought.

So, for the scores:

Food: 8/10

Pretty authentic greek cuisine, great atmosphere and super service ( I mean, come on, that guy almost burnt his hair for us :)

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