Monday, May 26, 2014


This resto is located right at the corner of Charlevoix and Notre-Dame and I remember biking by there from my house to my friend's house many years ago. Well, I decided to finally go in!

It is quite the small restaurant with around 40 seats. It has somewhat of a diner vibe, complete with old women at the counter.

I chose the cheesebuger with fries with 2 extras: fried onions and bacon.

Because who in their right mind would not take the option of having delicious bacon in their burger? And all this for under 10$! What what! Alright now: the fries were nice and crunchy, just the way they should be! The bun was kinda loose and flaky (it MAY have been made that way intentionally... but I am NOT ok with that) and made it hard to eat without it breaking apart. The meat itself lacked a bit in seasoning but the rest was great! The bacon? YUM! The fried onions? YUM! Basically, I was very happy with my choice of extras as they added lots-o-crunch to my burger and a lot of flavour! Oh and the bacon added some smokiness which I love!

Service was good! This little boy, could not have been over 16, came to my table with water in no time and brought my food in a very timely fashion. Plus, he was very polite.

And now, the scores!

Food: 6,5
Service: 8

An OK burger joint but I think I'll try another one next time.

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