Friday, July 12, 2013

Kashin Sushi

Ah, Kashin. After working for Sushi Shop for almost two years and not being able to eat sushi... I started there and it did me good :) This place is located right at the angle of Côte-des-Neiges and Queen Mary. It's a tiny place, obviosuly meant for take-out.

I always order in advance and then go get my food but this time (they have quite an extensive menu of sashimi, nigiri, hosomaki, futomaki, etc), I decided to just go and buy a combo + an avocado roll. Lord knows I loves me some avocado rolls! 
 I got the Combo G: 18 pieces for about 14$ . Plus, of course, avocado rolls. The cucumber roll was nice and fresh but it wasn't that great of a roll. But anyone who's rolled sushi before knows that the cucumber roll is one of the hardest to roll. The nigiris were very fresh as well. You can tell there's a high turnover, if only by the freshness of the fish! Man, those things melted in your mouth! The California roll was good, but hey it was a cali roll... not my fave because it's too simple but whatever! They also sell a wonderful tuna futomaki with mint in it. So refreshing! The avocado rolls were perfect, with ripe avocados, just the way they should be! The red mullet (hehe...mullet) was amazing but again, not tight enough.

And now, the scores:

Service: 8 Only because 1 lady out of 3 is always so bitchy. Not directly so but her face just dsont look nice :p

I definitely recommend this place for sushi lovers and also,it's really affordable!

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Anonymous said...

I used to eat at Kashin all the time when I lived in CDN. I still live nearby in Snowdon, but I go to the sushi place near me called Wassabi on Queen-Mary, west of Decarie. And like Kashin, 1/3 of the female staff is totally bitchy!