Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I go out to lunch with my dad about twice a month to catch up and so yesterday we went to la gare Windsor. That's right, we went to St-Hubert! It had been years since I had eaten there so I said why not?!

I gotta say, it was nothing special... I guess it was to be expected...

It's HUGE. I don't even know how many seats there are in there... at least a couple hundred. We were seated right away and our sweaty waitress came as soon as we sat down to take our order. Very affordable: about 10 bucks for the meal plus a drink and a desert. We both took the chicken filets. I wasn't too pleased with the presentation... they were kinda plopped onto the plate with some fries and a piece of bread. Meh. I must also mention that the table was sticky. I HATE it when my table is sticky... it just shows that they don't clean that shiz after someone spills pop on it!

Anyhoot, a bit of history, yes? St-Hubert was the first restaurant to deliver in the 50's and also the first one to have recyclable boxes for take-out. It IS an institution. And let's face it, it's still working to this day so they must be doing something right!

Here are the scores:

Bouffe: 5/10 Not a great presentation and very VERY simple. The usual for St-Hubert: coleslaw, fries, sauce, bread, chicken

Service: 6/10 Took our waitress 10minutes to bring me water after I had asked for it. Comme mon père dirait, 'c'est pas mal ordinaire ça!'

All in all, a good ambiance, ok service, food not exceptional, would not go back in the next year or so.


Isa said...

HAHAHA I can't belive that you actually reviwed St-Hubert! Hé la la! :)

Marie said...

I take the liberty to review every resto I go to :p except for McDo... not that I go ...hihihi