Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aux Vivres

Last week, Isa asked me if I wanted to join her and some co-workers for dinner at Aux Vivres, this really cute vegan resto on St-Laurent. Without thinking about it, I said YES!! I used to eat at this place pretty regularly when I lived on le Plateau and well.. it had been a while.

It's a great place to eat some vegan food without being TOO vegan...if you know what I mean..., with a nice patio out back including a nice little garden (or from what I remember from a couple years back). They also have a take-out counter!

We were seated right away but waited quite a bit, I thought, for our food. I had the mumbai plate and Isa had the portobello burger. I LOVE this thing: chickpeas in a somewhat spicy sauce and coriander (!), salad, and refreshing chutney. mmmm...chutney. Isa's burger was nice but lacked a tiny bit in flavor and she had some fries with a marvellous spicy chipotle kinda mayo sauce. Yum yum YUM! And a bonus is that they always use very very fresh veggies and fruits :)

The two coworkers that were with us had sandwiches in a ciabatta and apparently they were tasty but full of lettuce (a little too much) and really enough for two meals... which usually isn't a bad thing per se but if you bring that shiz home, it'll be soggy the next day for lunch!

One thing that annoyed me was the fact that the waitress took away plates before everyone was done and that is against my service code... yes, i have a code :p

So for the scores (these will only be MY scores seeing as the wife is not home to tell me hers!) :

food: 8/10 loooove that chutney!
service: 7/10

As per usual, very pleasant, fun food experience! If you want vegan food and you are not a vegan, go to Aux Vivres! Also go if you ARE a vegan,of course, hehe.

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