Monday, September 10, 2018

Uncle Tetsu

Uncle Tetsu just recently opened in Montreal and it is EVERYTHING. Maybe not for you, but for someone who follows food trends and what have yous, it's somethin. Uncle Tetsu is over 30 years old and just made its entrance to Montreal, from Japan. Yass. Anything that arrives from Japan, I'm interested in. Well, except Pokémon. Anyhoot, when my friend Laura came over to my house last week, I immediately thought of this.

Uncle Tetsu is located in Montreal's second Chinatown, or Chinatown West, as some would call it. It's only a counter, with a big waiting line. OK, I went at an irregular time, so it wasn't very busy (only about 9 people in front of me), but usually they have a pretty legit waiting line overflowing on the sidewalk right outside.
We could almost say that the cheesecakes are made to order: all day, every day, the little worker bees (really seems like that) make those cheesecakes! Mine was EXTRA fresh because I got it off a new batch that was in the oven. And then they put the cheesecake (1 max per person!!) in a cute little box, and then a cute little bag. Uncle Tetsu's cheesecakes are made of cheese (duh), cream, milk, butta, sugar, flour, and lots of eggs. Actually, when you get inside the shop, it smells of cooked eggs. And then I thought about my past Asian dessert eating experiences and realized that they ARE more eggy than the usual dessert. This is not a regular cheesecake, people. It is a Japanese cheesecake. Basically, you can keep this cake at normal room temp for 24hrs or in the fridge for 72 hrs.
I found it cool, and also a nice touch that they put Uncle Tetsu right on the cake. As Laura said, 'I want him as a grandpa'. It had time to cool down between the time of purchase and the time of eating. I prefer my cheesecake cold anyway! Also, I have a feeling it would've tasted eggier when warm (let's face it, everything tastes more when warm or hot). One thing, out of many more complicated food reactions (OR footions... OR foodactions) of having more eggs in there is the fluffiness. You know what's better than fluffiness when it comes to cake? Nada. It seriously melted in my mouth. I'm totes serious about the melting, mmkay?! It was very tasty and not overly cheesy, and it wasn't as eggy as I would've thought. Or as I was afraid of. I didn't order an egg cake, damn it! Or, I guess that would be called an omelet. We kept on saying 'ok let's stop' or ' that's enough now'. 10 minutes later, it was gone. A gonner. Gonzo! Bebye. I would recommend this, but not to someone thinking they will get the traditional cheesecake. This is NOT the cheesecake you are used too, girl. Dsont dso it. Do it, if you want to try something new (and yummy).

And now, the score!

Le cheesecake: 7.5

I would definitely go back and buy one for a soirée or something like that. You know, to be that cool chick that brings Japanese cheesecake :) Let's face it, I'm ALWAYS that cool girl. OK, I'm not. Geez.

ps: Uncle tetsu also serves honey Madeleines, which looked oh so good (but I was there for le cheese)

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