Monday, March 13, 2017

Boucherie Dans La Côte

I was meeting my friend Jer for lunch before work and had passed by this place many-a-times. I work at Transat and I go to Place des Arts metro. Do the math. Or don't. Point is, I pass by this place pretty much every day.
I like small places and this was one of them. 4 seats at the counter facing the window and 4 seats at the table. That's it, that's all! Surprisingly, it was warmer than most restos in the winter. And I write 'surprisingly' because hey, they have a huge motha f*ckin' walk in for all that meat! The music was indie rock-ish and right up my alley! Oh and the stools weren't really stools, they were more like high chairs, which is about, oh, I dunno, 100% more comfortable. Just looking at the cuts of meat they were selling, my mouth was literally salivating. I swear, I MAY (or may not) have drooled onto their floor. As an artisinal butcher shop, they were hitting the meat spot, fo shizzle. Oh and it didn't smell as 'meaty' as I would have thought!

They serve up a couple sandwiches and some other dishes for lunch so here we were!
Rillettes de porc! A nice thick sandwich! The bread was really soft, and it wasn't no day-old bread, no siree! The rillettes were awesome and peppery and not too fatty. There were some marinated veggies in there that added some vinegar and a nice crunch to it all. The lettuce was also uber fresh and crunchy. YUM! Jer was eyeing my sandwich and since I didn't feel I could handle more bread, I gave him the rest. He WOULD have bought another one.

Service was great. I was welcomed with a huge smile and our sandwiches arrived in less than 5 minutes. Water was refilled. Just the way I LOVE it.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8.5
Service: 8

Oh, I'm totes going back. No doubt about it.

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