Thursday, January 26, 2017


My mama and I were going out for breakfast (ya, we cool like dat), and of course, that meant I had to choose a new restaurant. Yay! I chose Campanelli: looked good and it was close. Two things that are musts. Turned out to be a tiny little place for coffee and rustic muffins and not much more but hey, now I know.
Campanelli is a small place with some good indie rock playing. At some point, Jean Leloup played and I was suddenly brought back to my early twenties when I used to over listen to Ballade à Toronto while smoking a nice little joint. And since my mom reads this, joint means unicorn. And smoking means... petting? Wait, am I high now? And in other news...there's not more than 20 seats in the house. I'd describe the décor as being half industrial and half lets-go-to-the-cottage. Let's just do it.

My mom ordered a latte, because she felt fancy (she's usually a straight up coffee kinda gal), and I ordered a hot chocolate. We got a carrot and apple muffin and a chocolate chip muffin.
The hot chocolate was good but not thick enough  for my taste. A bit too watery. The carrot/apple muffin was pretty much out of this world (ya, far out there): it was moist (ugh) and delectable. I could've eaten 8. My mom actually said that it was one of the best muffin she's EVER had. What! The chocolate chip muffin was a tad too dry for both of us. It lacked... well, it lacked apple. Hahaha.

Service was good. The girl warned us which muffins would be too sweet for breakfast ...I can do sweet but not TOO sweet! She brought our stuff to the table and told me that if need be, she could add some sugar in my hot choco.

And now, the scores!

Food (and drinks): 7
Service: 8

Cute little spot to go to if you're lookin' for a good MOIST (ugh!) muffin and a nice coffee, fo shizzle!

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