Monday, December 26, 2016


I was looking for a new brunch place. A cheap (ish) one. I found it in Restaurant 3734. Btw, I don't know how OK I am with restos naming themselves after their address. I mean, how original IS that? Anyhoot, prices seemed aight and the food looked more than aight so I headed there with my friend T last weekend.

Turns out there was this big kid's birthday party. Whatever happened to good ol' McDonalds? It was good enough for me, it should be good enough for your kids, damn it! So, they took up half the resto and their parents took up the other half. There were only a couple tables left.
The place itself is very bright and with that very chill music playing, has a very nice vibe. It has very high ceilings and is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows which made it even brighter. The wooden floors and wooden countertop at the bar with the white tiles on the wall gave a very mellow feel to the place. Don't ask me why I think wood plus tiles equals mellow, that's just the way it is. There was also a Christmas tree in the corner when you came in. I just loved the oranges in there. You pass by it, you feel hungry, just take an orange. Why not? Kind of like Céline Dion and her 'take a kayak' thang. Makes sense right? Mmmmmright.

I was QUITE hungry, with having been to the gym beforehand and only having eaten an egg. ONE egg damn it! I already knew what I wanted to eat and was just waiting for T so that we could order. I was a tad disappointed -to say the least- that they did not have what I had chosen to eat prior to getting there. Grrrr. Why? Why would you put something on your website and not put it on your menu. I cry. Because I'm a big foodie baby.
I had the tartine: poached egg with beets and some romaine. I'll say somethin' I will rarely say:  I really liked that romaine. Tis true. It had a mix of what tasted like soft cheese and crème fraîche with some chives on top. So simple, yet, so good. It was fresh and crunchy. The beets were perfectly cooked and there were two kinds on the plate: some full ones and some in spirals. Beets n' eggs: they got it. The egg was cooked to perfection and seasoned to perfection as well. Mmmmmegg! The bread was good but under grilled I found. I would've liked more crunch and more charred taste to it. There was also a mix of cheddar and mozza on it and that was just lovely. Lovely, I say! Just salty enough and when spread on the bread, with the egg yolk on it, oh yes. Oh. Yes.

Service was good. Water was on the table pretty quickly, and although, when I got there, with the birthday party happenin', I got kind of scared (yes, scared) that service was gonna suck for us, it didn't. Yes, it might have been better without the party, but hey, what can you do? Our waitress was very smiley but did not ask us how we liked our meal. Just to recap, these are the most important things to me when I'm getting waited on:

1- I must always have water.
2- Always check if I like my meal.
3- Know your menu.
4- Perfect wine service.
5- Don't take a plate away unless everyone is done.

Pretty much sums it up.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 7.5

Loved that romaine but there are so many places to eat at! I might go back but not any time soon.

3734 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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