Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ma Douce Moitié

Juju (cause that is just such a cute nickname) and I had planned on going to Ma Douce Moitié about a month ago. She had already been and was excited for me to try it. I was totes excited. New restaurant? What! New brunch place? Whaaaaat! So we met there aaaand realized that they were freaking closed. And they were supposed to be open. Damn them. The cook came to tell us that it was to be closed all day. We cried only a little bit. OK, a lot. Seriously, it became a very embarrassing situation for us, with all the crying and what not. Anyhoot.

Hence, we decided to go back 2 days prior to Juju's departure back to Belgium (because Canada doesn't want her to stay but that's another [sob] story) and, surprise surprise, it was freaking open this time! Woohoo!!!
The place is oh-so-cute, the kind of cute that when you step in,you go 'aaaaw!'. It had old tables and a very cottagy feel, bronze ceilings, and wooden boxes on the walls. One thing I did not like were the tall faux-leather chairs. They did not go. No! Well, AND they were the same chairs that we had when I was with my ex so maybe they brought back some bad memories. Who knew an ugly leather chair could do that? I must divulge that the table was quite sticky, which obviously means that they never clean. Just kidding. They probably just forgot a spot, and they didn't know that a very highly ranked (yes, that's how I describe myself now) blogger was going to sit there next. 

Anyhoot, food looked awesome. Y'all know I have a special spot in my heart for awesome food :p A fun thing about their menu (btw, it had JUST changed... lucky us, we got first dibs) is that you can choose dishes OR you can choose to make your own dish with different components. We opted for the first one. We were going to share everything because we tight like that, you know!
How effin good does THIS look? Well, it looks like a freaking million dollars. That's a million dsolla plate right there! Maybe I'm getting over excited, I mean, it's only bread and fruit, right? Wrong! This, ladies and gents, is chai french toast. Chai french toast! CHAI french toast!!!! I can keep on saying it and it will still be as real! And thank the almighty Heysus for that, dsayum!!! First off, I have to say that this was the right amount of fruit, unlike when you go to Chez Cora and they give you a full watermelon. But who cares about fruit right now? The bread was soft in the middle, crunchy on the edges. The good kind of sugar crunch, you know? The caramelization across the nation oooooof the sugar. Yes, that made a lot of sense (might still be on a sugar high). The chai totally came through in such a nice and subtle way while remaining oh so present. There was some cinnamon in there too which kind of reminded me of Christmas. Let's face it, every time cinnamon is involved, Christmas comes to mind. It's a thing. It actually fit right in there with the chai! It was just such a special, NOT your run-of-the-mill pain doré that was that much more appreciated by Juju and I.
Eggs benedict with candied bacon. Hello. AND hello! Let me tell you a story about me and candied bacon:  it was love at first sight AND it's the kind of love that keeps on giving :) The hollandaise was thick and lovely but a tad under seasoned, the egg was a perfect 10 in all respects (runny yolk, tasty, buttery, smooth) and the bacon... OH the bacon. The bacon could only be described as better than heaven itself. That's right, I went there. And I'd go there again. It was crispy and salty and all that bacon-y goodness X 100. It wasn't your store-bought thin-ass bacon. No no no. It was thick and I could have eaten it like a sandwich. Or somethin. On the other side of the plate was an abomination called mesclun. Mixed salad shall never ever EVER be part of any meal I am enjoying. Is that understood?
House made scone. It was flaky, it was light, it was soft, it was awesome. I rarely order scones because of the dryness that many can't escape. But this one was a little piece of alright! Ya baby! And the blueberry jam, again, home made, was, well... great! I am in no way a fan of jams or anything fruity except for whole fruits. It's just not my thang, my cup-o-tea. I blame my dad's ex ex ex ex because she always used to make pies and I got oh so sick of them. This jam was as if they had just hand picked the blueberries. For realz yo! It tasted so fresh and not overly sweet. Fosho one of the best jams I've ever tasted.

Service was good: the waiter came about three times to see if we were ready to order, haha. It was quite difficult with so many yummy sounding dishes! We got water quickly and from then on, service was very homely. One thing that bugged me was that our empty plates stayed in front of us for what seemed like an eternity. I'm the kind of person that used to push her plate when I was done dinner so in a restaurant, please just get it away... I'm done AND I'm full!

And now, the scores!

Food: 9
Service: 7.5

With the arrival of their new menu and therefore a bunch of new and exciting things (that include bacon of course), I would totally be up for going back soon!

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