Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I loves me some good brunch. I'm always looking for a good place to do just that and so last weekend, I decided to try Ludger: it's close, it's popular, it's a tad hipster-y. So basically, everything one would want in a brunch resto. I went with J, my ex English teacher, who is always a great partner in crime when it comes to critiquing restaurants.

This review will be on the short side cause I lost all my notes and pics (except these two) along with my beloved phone. Where, you ask? Well, in the canal Lachine of course! Dumbass. 

The place itself looks really nice, chic-ish but not too much, cool-ish but not too much. I would just like to go there with all my friends and sit and eat and drink all night. That's the feeling I was getting. But this was brunch hour so we sat on their narrow terrasse that still could hold about 45 clients and put our sunglasses on because it was a hell of a sunny day!

I usually go for the largest breakfast on the menu but this time, since I had just come back from the gym, I was feeling more on the healthier (ish), smaller (ish) side of things.
I had the rillettes de porcelet (I thought you'd prefer that over 'potted meat'!), poached egg, potatoes and strawberry, apple and endive salad. I love having freshness in my plate. It just makes me happy! AND corny, apparently. Aight, so the potatoes were oh-so-diddely-good: cooked just right and tastier than most potatoes I've had in a long while! There was a lovely mix of herbs on the potatoes that made them even better! The egg was perfecto mundo. Yes, yes, get over, it, I speak Italian. But seriously, it was soft, unctuous, seasoned to perfection. Hence, perfect egg. The rillettes were very tasty but were a tad too salty. But don't get me wrong, they were great on toast with the egg yolk. Oh yes. Wait for it... yes! The salad was just yummy. the strawberries were fresh and uber sweet and the endives' bitterness countered that perfectly. The apples added some crunch and another level of flavor. I would fosho order this salad on its own. Fosho yo.

Service was perfect when we first got there because, well, we were the only ones on the terrasse. She brought my two mimosas (no, silly, not both at the same time!) in a timely fashion and water was on our table before we even had time to sit down. Of course, when it filled up, we had a hard time finding her. Tis the way it goes!

And now, the scores!

Food: 8,5
Service: 8

I am definitely going back. Mmmmmmm poached eeeeeeeeggggg!

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Linda said... lost your pics and notes in the Lachine Canal? I can relate. I lost my camera in May of last year. Where? I left it on a Laval bus and nobody returned it, so....:(

This looks like a great place! The potatoes do look delicious! I love poached egg, but am not talented at making it myself, and sometimes I forget to order eggs in this fashion, but I usually order my eggs sunny side up...another way I am not talented at doing at home! My yolks are cold when I do it at home, which is highly unpleasant, so I end up turning them over, so I make them over easy. LOL! Thanks for sharing this review, albeit is very good! By the way, for some reason your post didn't show in my Blogger news feed, but I was able to discover your new post via your Facebook page, so it's all good. :)

Marie said...

Hey Linda thanks for your comment! The egg WAS perfect! You should definitely go and try it! Ya I changed my blog name (from eating out in montreal to eating out montreal) recently so I have to get a couple things in order... Sorry bout that!