Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I swear, this is the place! Don't you see 'Fortune' in between the cars? Hehehe. So, I had heard great things about this new taco place close to Little Italy and you know me: new? tacos? I was in fosho.

We had a 'business' meeting, Val, Shar and I and what better way to business it up than while eating? Don't think about it, there IS no better way.

Alright so this place is tiny with about 12 seats and some at the bar. The music was nice and jumpy (without being a number one hit on Virgin kinda thang) but then turned into some type of Snoop Dog type thang so that got annoying quite fast. There were a couple girls workin' hard in the kitchen with tuques on. No, it wasn't because they were cold dumbie, it was for style. Sheesh! Dunno how I felt about that; it was kinda half hot half too much with a big side of hipster.

We got the new waitress because when does this not happen to me? Nah, I'm only kidding, she was really nice and when she didn't know, she would ask her boss.

We obviously started off with some drinks. Duh. Shar had a beer and Val and I went for the margaritas. Hello! And damn we did NOT regret that choice! They were quite strong but the tequila was actually lovely and with that lime, oh it was great! Val says it's the BEST she's ever had. I say she was totally hammered (note: Val, our driver, was NOT hammered. That was a joke).

We were quite excited to share everything: pork el pastor (spécial du jour), cauliflower, chicken, and fish tacos plus a shrimp guédille (why not!).

Fish tacos (upper two): the fish was not the best, a tad tasteless. I would have a loved some more seasoning. Like Emeril Lagasse would say: BAM! But no, there was no BAM. Not even a little bam. I had to put a bunch of hot sauce on it and it still remained 'meh. Next up, pork el pastor! Wait, nope... that's chicken. Hold up. Oh, they switched it up... let's call it chicken el pastor. The marinated radish was really nice and brought a needed kick to the dish. Unfortunately there was some fat on the meat and although a bit of fat here and there isn't the worst thing (some even like it... it adds more flavor), it was a bit overwhelming. But hey, the pineapple was great and sweet and the coriander added a little somethin' somethin' that I loved. I have to say though that the bread wasn't the best. It was kinda hard to cut and it tasted next to nada (what, I'm practicing my Spanish!).
Cauliflower tacos (the ones on the left): I love cauliflower! I also really appreciate the fact that I fart them out as quickly as I ate them. But in other news...The cauliflower was tasty and grilled (yum!) and I even liked the fennel seeds (I ain't a fennel kinda girl). The pickled veggies were excellent (I'm a sucker for pickled stuff...pickled beets, pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, pickled onions, pickled you get the point) but the whole thing was on the cold side which was a tad disappointing. The pork tacos were alright. Btw, this means they weren't alright. The avocados were great and just the right amount of ripeness and the green onions were appreciated (y'all know I love ALL onions, I ain't no onionist!).

The shrimp guédille! For you none guédilleurs, it's basically a hot dog bun filled with lots-o-goodness. And this one was full to the brim baby! The shrimp were cooked to perfection (hello!), the cucumbers gave a nice crunch and I believe there were some grilled pickled radishes in there which was really nice! The onions were lovely too, of course. The whole thing was actually really nice and liked by the three of us.

Aight, let's talk about the service! We were warmly welcomed and even if we had 'the new girl', it was still good. We got water pretty quickly and even though our drinks took a while, the fact that they were amazeballzzz made up for it.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7
Service: 7,5

I gotta say that I was expecting a magical taco experience and I didn't get it. I'd probably go back for a guédille though!

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Linda said...

Hi Marie,

So you were in a pickle, eh? LOL! (just kidding)...the ambiance here looks interesting and the fact that you would go back again definitely says something! :)

Marie said...

Ya even though the tacos were not necessarily up to par, I'd go back for sure! The place itself is so darn cute and the guédille was great! Plus, the people were really nice :)