Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steak frite St-Paul

After spending around 3 hours at the hospital for a 30 minute appointment, Isa and I were starving. Like, STARVING. Then Isa turns to me all dramatically and shiz and says 'I WANT  a steak'. Don't mess with a girl that wants her steak! Turns out, I felt like a steak as well :)

We decided to go to Steak frites St-Paul in the Village because a: it was bring your own wine, b: it was affordable steak and c: it was close to my friend's where I had left my bike that I wanted to pick up. This place is in a prime spot, right on Ste-Catherine in the middle of the Village.
No testament to the hugeness of the place!
This place is HUGE, with I'd say, roughly, at least 150 seats. At LEAST. And we were pretty much the first ones there, at 5PM (What? We hadn't eaten lunch and waiting forever makes a girl hungry!) so we got to choose our spot, which is always great. As per usual, Isa took the banquette. She loves them banquettes :) 

We got water as soon as we sat down and we knew what were going to have! STEEEEEAAAKKK (in case you hadn't clued in). We also got some nice [hot] bread which is always appreciated. 

Alright, so the steak came with salad as an appetizer. Meh. The salad consisted of big ass boston leaves, many onions (even for me) and this creamy vinaigrette. I did NOT waste my time on this. One should not have to cut their lettuce. Sheesh people!

It is now time to talk about long-awaited steak. Well, first off, the beans were obviously frozen and then thawed so that did not appeal to me that much. Isa ate them because she is a strong believer in always having veggies on your plate, which is a good thing, obviously! The fries were all-you-can-eat so this girl would pass by and ask you if you wanted more fries. I am proud to say I only refilled once. They were crunchy and tasty. The steak was moist (oh how I hate the way that word sounds but hey... you gotta use it sometimes!) and cooked to our liking. The waiter suggested he bring us 3 smaller sized sauces (instead of one big one) so we could try them all. Hells yes. My fave was the dijon one. It went really well with the fries. But again, they were obviously frozen a couple hours before.

What's fun is that for the desert, you have the option to have it tapas style, i.e cheaper and smaller. Of course Isa liked the fact that she could have more than one desert! She had the crème brûlée and the profiterol. They were OK but not great. The crust on the crème brûlée lacked...crustiness (ew :p) and the profiterol was just alright.

The service throughout the meal was OK. Should have been splendid since there were just a couple other groups by the time we left.

And now, the scores!

Service: 7,5
Food: 7,5

If you want a good not-very-expensive steak, dso it, go to Steak Frites St-Paul!

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