Monday, August 5, 2013


After walking through Sylvia's favorite park, Trinity Bellwoods Park, we stopped by a lovely pâtisserie on Queen Street West. It looked very white: white walls, white counters. But then you looked at their produce and a BANG of colour! Sandwiches, macaroons; everything was so colourful!

Macaroons, macaroons, macaroons!
Nadège is a French pastry chef (actually, pretty much her whole family is into pastry) who opened her first bakery in Toronto in 2009. She then got rave reviews and just opened her second pâtisserie in Rosedale I believe. It's more of a fancy place then a 'let's go get a small croissant for breakfast' place. Their sandwiches range from 7 to 9$, so it's not that cheap but they do have great ingredients. Their macaroons are 2,20$ each. I find it kind of steep (ok, I never really buy macaroons) but damn worth it because they were amazing (bought the cherry chocolate one and the mojito one...both great).

Yummy sandwiches
Anyhoot, I had the fig and goat cheese croissant. It was very nice, the croissant, very soft and buttery. The cheese was lovely and there was just enough of it. The figs, on the other hand, meh. I LOVE figs and since my Sciences des aliments class, I have a real fondness for them and how and when they are ready. Those figs were not ready. They were almost tasteless and a bit on the hard side. Darn it.
Oh but I had a pomegranate and elderberry drink from bottle green which turned out to be the highlight of my meal. It was cold (YES!) and refreshing and just sweet enough.

Sylvia had the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich which was apparently amazing. The cheese was whipped into a frenzy and therefore really soft and unctious. She also had homemade juice. It was really tasty but there was too much foam (like 1/4 of the glass).

The service was really great. Always with a smile, always efficient. They were all nice and considerate. We sat down outside and 4 minutes later, we had our meal. She even came by to check if everything was fine. Y'all know how much I appreciate that!

And now, the scores!

Service: a big 9,5
Food: Sylvia gives it a 9 and I give it a 6. Sorry, figs!

A great place to enjoy fresh produce and soft croissants. Go. Enjoy. Don't take the fig sandwich if they are not ripe :p

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