Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 Here is a review written by my bro's bestest best friend, Erik! Enjoy! (He lived in Japan so he knows what he's talking about ).

Kazu is by far the best Japanese restaurant in Montreal, and they don't even serve sushi!

This fairly new restaurant on Ste-Catherine st. West serves up "Izakaya" style cuisine which can be compared to tapas bars in Spain.  The concept of the Izakaya is to have a casual bar-like atmosphere, where the guests can have a few drinks after work, and combine that with a small kitchen that will cook up just about anything that can be shared between friends or colleages. 

Montreal has opened its fair share of Izakayas over the past few years, however few of them can compare to the real deal. Kazu is fully owned and run by Japanese (from Ibaraki origin, close to Tokyo). The entire wait staff is also from Japan which makes the experience that much more interesting.

The food itself is excellent and all the dishes can be shared. I recommend the fried gyoza, yakitori, Japanese Bibimbap (with beef rib), giant shrimp and ramen (only served during lunch). Don't forget to start off the evening with a pint of Sapporo on draft or a large bottle of Kirin beer!

Not only is the atmosphere great, the food delicious and the staff very friendly, but the price is also affordable (you'll be surprised).  The only down side is the fact that you have to wait in line an average of 30-60 minutes before getting in (for dinner) and about 5-10 minutes for lunch (they don't take reservations). But hey, that's a good sign isn't it!?!? They are also closed on Tuesdays. 

Now, for the scores:

Food: 9/10
Service: 10/10

I would recommend going there in smaller groups due to the long wait times. Great place for drinks after work between friends or even for a date (preferable not a first date unless he or she doesn't mind the wait!). 

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