Saturday, February 9, 2013

Maison Kam Fung

I believe my favorite thing to eat Sunday morning is dim sum. I just love it love it love it! Did I mention I LOVE it? Yep. I convinced the wife to go (she wasn't too keen on it at first) and invited a couple friends that had never (yes, NEVER) eaten dim sum before. We got there at around 10h50, apparently the right time to get there for there were only a couple people in line before us. Usually, we have to wait a good 30 minutes minimum and the whole floor is filled with people waiting to eat this wonderful dim sum (can you tell I like it?).

This is how it happens: you get there, they give you a number, and you wait until they call it out on the microphone (that's right...and no, you don't feel like a celebrity ;). You go in and it's freaking full... and I mean FULL. So full that you usually have to squish yourself and go through the labyrinth of tables. Needless to say there are always a shizload of people! A shizload of asian people. You know what THAT means: this must be good asian food!!!

'Trolley girl!

The place itself is HUGE ... I'd say around 200 to 250 seats, lots of windows... and lots of employees! There are the 'trolley girls' (the women that pass by with the different dim sum) and the waiters (most of them men, in charge of cleaning your table and providing you with water, etc). Every time they give you food, they mark it on the piece of paper that's on your table (2,75$, 3$, 5$).

We were seated in somewhat of a corner which, at first, we thought was unlucky; that we weren't going to get to see all the food passing by. Turns out it was A-OK: the girls passing by were always yelling (I'm not kidding: yelling) what they had to give (sell) you.

So, it had begun: the feast! Our friends looked like they were really enjoying themselves, which made us happy; we just wanted to share our experience at Maison Kam Fung! Also, you know that when you go there, you won't have to wait for your food... it's there as soon as you sit down!

We had a variety of dim sum that day... I can't remember it all...
Shrimp rolls
Pork rolls

Spring rolls: Moist and delicious, we had some pork ones and some shrimp ones I believe. SO good!


Fried shrimp: My fave, of course! Shrimp, fried in a spicy batter that makes you go 'YUUUUM'.

Dumplings: Some shrimp ones and some peanut ones. Both good. The peanut ones had too many...peanut chunks and were too hard for my poor teeth but still amazing!

Chow mein: One of the moistest chow mein EVER.... so damn delicious you want to order more even when you are full and everyone else as well.... and you tell yourself that would just be ke-ra-zy!

There were also some veggies (which, when you are surrounded by fried goodness, you don't really care for). We had some rappini, which turned out quite tasty :)

For the desert, we had what we usually have: some kind of jellied coconut and mango. Very nice! Texture is questionnable but it's nice! 

This, as per usual, was a great food experience: good food, funny people fighting, language you don't understand, lots-o-people and good times! The tea that they serve you at the beginning is quite good and it's free refills (woohoo!).

We shared the bill and it cost us about 14 to 15$ each INCLUDING tip! If that's not a good deal, I don't know what is!

Our two friends that came along had a couple things to say:
1- Loooooved the tea (they give you tea with your meal and they refill it regularly). Chow mein had a good texture not slimy like Chinese fast food.

2- Spring rolls were delicious, expecially with the sauce. Chow mein was baller as well as dessert. 
And now, the scores!

Food: an average of 8.75
Service: an average of 8 (good until the end when the very busy waiter basically told us to fuck off when we wanted the bill and to go directly to the cash!!!)

All in all, as usual, a great dim sum experience! We just loved it!

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