Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ze wife and I won 40$ between us to eat at this random Italian restaurant in Pointe-St-Charles so we went on Tuesday. As I just mentioned, it was in P-S-C so already a bit of ghettoness there (uh, no offense to people that live there :). And the facade WAS a tad ghetto. But then you go in and it's very cute and small and quaint. There's room for about 35 people and apparently, there's a terasse... somewhere... obviously, pas évidente car nous ne l'avons pas vu! Also, it's a bring your own wine, which is fun.

It was a Tuesday so there weren't many people (I wonder how many people would actually be there on a Saturday...): just us and a table of 4 very loud ladies(they had a bottle of wine each so...).
The waiter came to see us right away and opened our bottle and gave us the menus. The menu is more then simple. The table d'hôte is written on a board and the à la carte is on the actual paper menu. There's a choice of about 6 entrées and 5 different sauces that you can have on 3 different types of pasta. VERY simple. Did I mention it was simple?

We shared the escargots à l'ail (6$) with cheese on them (2$) and for the main,
I took the spaghettini with alfredo sauce (16$) and Isa took tortellini with rosé sauce (19$). Now that I think of it, the meals were a bit overpriced. But there were a couple extras: amuses-bouche! I love those: a nice little surprise that you are happy to get at the beginning of a meal! The first one was salmon with a beet and coriander relish on top of a crouton and the second one was un trou normand (jus de pomme, brandy and cinnamon). Very much appreciated! Right before they brought us our meal, they brought bread. WARM bread! How often do you actually get warm bread in a restaurant? they should make this a LAW!

The escargots were good, but not the very best, our pasta was good and tasty, and they put this little drizzle of blueberry balsamic reduction on the side that tasted great with it. They were also very good portions. You can actually pay something like 6$ to 'share'... so I guess that means they split it in half and add a bit on the plates?! For desert we shared the mousse au chocolat: delicious with the whipped cream. yummy!

And now for the scores:

Food: Although not exceptionnal, the amuses-bouche were appreciated, I give it a 7
Service: It took quite a while to actually get our meal, I give it a 7 as well.

Alors si vous dans le coin de Pointe-St-Charles, and you are looking for a good italian place in a cute resto, I would recommend this one!

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